Sunday, October 9, 2011


Citizens of the world, Hi. I'm TheAnonMessage.

The two videos I uploaded last week got a whole lot of coverage. I'd like to tell anyone reading this that these were not my messages. These were the messages of fellow Anons who sent me the document and requested that I'd make a short Anonymous statement. I cannot support or oppose the two videos as they were from an Anonymous based source (AnonOps, AnonPad...).

This is a WARNING: There are factions of Anonymous that are planning to attack the electronic communications of the exchange itself. This is a last minute warning to those who were, and I'm sorry to say, stupid enough to think that we were just going to take down the website. THE NYSE IS STILL OPEN EVEN ON COLUMBUS DAY. If you have any stocks, it is suggested that you take caution. 

We are all Anonymous.

Highlight the boxes. Blogger did a failed censor attempt, I think.


  1. How do we know that this is all true? Do you have a safe way to convince me besides what you've written and shared on this blog? I have been growing more and more enamored with Anonymous and its intentions and it fills me with hope. But I don't know what I and others will do, say or feel if Anonymous fails to follow through.

    Also, I worry that the 1% has not heard any messages from Anonymous. I agree with the messages, but if the messages aren't reaching the right people, our cause may be misconstrued and make things more difficult.

  2. And I would intend to add the question: *Has* Anonymous attempted to directly contact any of the 1% that opposes us all?