Thursday, September 29, 2011

Update on YouTube bans

Youtube took down the amount of subscribers on my channel down to zero, when I had about 250. All comments have been disabled on all my videos. And oh one more thing---I CANT CHECK MY YouTube MESSAGES OR COMMENT ON ANY VIDEO!! They call it freedom of Speech. Yeah it is freedom of speech, until its speech that offends them.

So I'm coming up with an operation that I trust will be heard.

It's called #OpYouTube.

We will make any video against Youtube or the NYPD in the name of Anonymous. Upload it to YouTube, and flood it.

Let's make an example.


  1. we need 300k Video upload at same time for youtube to get attention you need to hack it

  2. or maybe you could just spread the word through a medium that isn't privately owned? you know, where your freedom of speech would actually apply?

  3. make your own you tube website with all the stuff you tube wont let you watch about unveiling truth, checking peoples posts before excepting them to stop "paid"or"clueless"people ruining it and uploading fake vids or irrelivent ones